Bathroom Installation in Derby

If you are looking for an expert Plumber in Derby, then look no further! We have a renowned team of plumbers offering quality service to both commercial and domestic property owners. Our plumbers have years of experience and great expertise in handling bathroom construction and refurbishment projects of all sizes – from small fixes to complete refurbishments.

Bathroom Plumbing Professionals

Need bathroom refurbishment? We have a team of highly skilled and extremely experienced Derby drain unlock engineers as well as certified technicians that guarantee you will be fully satisfied with the end result. Set up a consultation today! 

Our professional plumbers and electricians boast many years of experience in the industry and are constantly being trained on the latest plumbing and electrical technology giving you complete peace of mind whether it is for your home or business. We ensure that everything is in good working condition after we’ve finished by following all health & safety regulations on the work site at all times!

How We do New Bathroom Installed and Refurbishment

We know that your bathroom is a very important room in your home, and we appreciate the value it brings to you as a homeowner. In fact, we work carefully when installing new fixtures for your bath. We do this so you won’t have to worry about the difference between just having standard fixtures and going with an update from a top selling company like Plumbers Derby

Would you like to know how? This is how we do it to ensure the job is just perfect:

A Customer Survey

As we always do, before completing any project there is a series of inspections that our bathroom renovating crew have to undergo in preparation. First they check out whether the existing size of your bathroom is big enough to accommodate everything (the tub, shower and toilet) you need. Next they measure the size of your existing bathroom and the type of the shape it’s in. This can be either rectangular or round for example, which gives them an idea of how large your bathtub needs to be.

Then we present you with a no-obligation free quote within two weeks from when you first inquired about having your bathroom renovated. Furthermore, we conduct lessons to educate you on the usage and features of all new plumbing fittings (for example porcelain or fibreglass shower bases are very common nowadays). 

Note: Renovating is not exactly charging a customer money for what they already have but designing and installing brand spanking new fixtures!

Uninstall Your Existing Bathroom Plumbing

When installing your new bathroom suite, we will turn off the water supply and carefully remove everything standing in the way of the new suite going in. This includes old bathroom suites, window blinds, cabinets and ceiling lights as well as pipes and fittings. 

Then, we can prepare for the installation of your new bathroom suite. New pipes are to be fitted with products such as bathrooms suites so that they are all connected to each other safely while electrical connections are capped off so they’re safe until reused later on. 

It’s quite an operation to undertake properly but with our professionals looking after everything during this process you can be reassured that it’ll be prudent to keep your bathroom looking great for many years to come! The icing on the cake though is how clean everything will be at its completion with absolutely no damage done to home or office space whatsoever.

Fixing The New Bathroom Suite

After the initial consultation, we will schedule a time and date to come over to your bathroom suite with any necessary equipment. Here we will clear out the area where you want us to place the new bath suite and fit pipes into place so as to accurately position your showers, baths or toilets. 

We’ll run these pipes into position in preparation for needing them installed. Once this has taken place, we will then fit the pipes through ensuring they are working properly and there are no leaks. 

After which we will turn on the water supply and check there is no leakage coming from any of the taps etc..

How much does Bathroom Refurbishment Cost and the Time Frame?

The price depends on:

  • The dimensions or size of your bathroom
  • The type of installation you need
  • The complexity of the job

Installing a bathroom can be very expensive, especially because the materials and equipment needed for the job are very often overpriced. In fact, on average a bathroom installation in the UK costs about £4,500 – but you could also pay as much as £11,000 depending on whether you want to try and obtain a state-of-the-art product or order something more traditional. As for the time it takes to complete the installation, that depends on the quality of materials and equipment used but it usually takes 4 weeks.

Plumbers Derby is a well-recognized and trusted company for its plumbing services. They offer high-standard services at affordable prices and are equipped with the latest technology to fulfil your needs. Reach out to us on 01332 215555 right away to get your Totally-Free, No-Obligation Quote!